Tips on how to stop blushing

If you’re a regular blusher then you’ll totally understand just how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be. To us, the blushers, we believe that whenever we feel ourselves going red, everyone in the world has suddenly stopped what they were doing and are just staring right at us. Let me assure you, this is definitely not the case.

Blushing is natural and human

Blushing is a natural thing to do, so why do we hate it so much? Some people think that it’s cute because it shows our emotions but for anyone who blushes, they definitely don’t agree with this. As cute as it could well be, we just want to stop blushing and we want to stop blushing now!

Blushing occurs because the body has become too hot. This could be through the weather, what we eat and drink and of course, our emotional response to certain situations. Blushing is your body’s way of helping to cool you down if you’re suffering from a fever for instance. Blushing is highly likely to occur when you suffer from anxiety. This, however, is a cycle that desperately needs to be broken, as anxiety causes blushing but blushing can also cause you to develop anxiety.

Blushing plays havoc with your confidence

Blushing can really harm a person’s self confidence and self esteem but there are ways in which you can greatly help with your blushing and here we have listed a few for you. Hopefully they will enable you to get back control and you’ll never have to worry about blushing again. Let’s take a closer look at them:


When you’re embarrassed about something you’re highly likely to start blushing. This embarrassment will send a rush of blood to your face, resulting in your red glow. If you’re ever in the situation where you feel yourself getting hotter and redder just try to relax your body. When you begin to relax your body begin to push the stomach out. By doing this you’ll be helping to control your blushing and you’ll become an expert at it if you carry out this practice regularly.

Control your stress levels

You blush when the nervous system has been stimulated for whatever reason and according to research relaxation techniques are doing a very good job at reducing people’s stress levels. These techniques include yoga, deep breathing and meditation. When you focus all your attention on deep breathing you won’t have all your attention on your blushing which will help you to avoid the dreaded blush.

Try and rehearse being mentally chilled out

This is a kind of self help hypnosis really and has been found to be excellent at preventing blushing. What you have to do is very simple, just breathe deeply and imagine you are somewhere cool, comfortable and are totally chilled out. Imagine yourself on a tropical beach for instance, just staring at the ocean with warm, soft sand under your feet. Or you could imagine yourself somewhere where there is a cold breeze. This will definitely make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. You could also try this when you’re going to an important meeting and you just know that you’re very likely to blush.

Change history

This may seem strange but it really does work . Think back to all those times in your life where you blushed, revisit them in your mind and think about what it was that happened that caused you to blush. Close your eyes and go back to that moment in time, watch yourself over and over again. Once you do this you will realise that you can indeed change the past. You will discover that what happened back then doesn’t mean it will happen again. Go back to the past and imagine yourself cool, calm and collected. Imagine that you didn’t blush at all back then.

Stop feeling inferior

Many people who blush do so because they feel inferior to other people, like they aren’t good enough to be around them. Give up these feelings of inferiority and you will greatly be helping yourself when it comes to blushing. To feel more confident about yourself start to do some exercises, take more of an interest in your appearance. Do anything that will boost your self confidence and self esteem. Once you’ve done this you’ll soon discover that you have absolutely nothing to feel inferior about and your blushing should be hugely reduced.

Jogging, walking and running are all great exercises that will help with your confidence as they will help to reduce any anger, nervousness or other emotions that you used to feel that then went on and made you blush. Remember to smile more too. A great looking smile will make others feel happier and you will feel happier too, which will dramatically decrease blushing flare ups and hopefully answer the age old question on how to prevent blushing.

You can do it

Blushing can be very hard to cope with but the great news is that there are many ways in which you can tackle it. There really will come a day when something embarrassing will happen to you and you’ll discover that you didn’t blush at all.

By following these tips, you’ll be that much closer to that day. Practice them every day, if you can and gradually, you’ll see your self confidence rocket and you’ll be that much closer to being totally blush free.