I Cured My Blushing Forever

I used to have an extreme blushing problem where my face and neck would turn bright red countless times every day. My blushing condition was so bad i quit a good job because of it. My face going red all the time absolutely destroyed my self-confidence.

I went to the doctor to find out how to stop blushing and he just smiled at me and said “can you please blush for me now?” And i couldn’t go red!

From this very frustrating visit to my doctor i established that this problem was all in my head, but knowing it was in my head didn’t help that fact that i still had an excessive blushing problem, it didn’t cure the blushing.

When i went to my doctor i was taking some pills that were meant to stop blushing, the doctor said that they were basically sugar pills and referred me to a shrink.

I seen the shrink for nearly a year! he helped a little bit but it started to get to expensive.

So I left and tried a hypnosis track, that helped a bit to but was not the solution.

I thought to myself the only thing left to try is surgery for blushing.

Then i came across this website that had a story from a former blusher who claimed they had found the blushing cure.

I decided that this is most likely a load of BS but i will try it anyway and see what happens, Guess what!? it worked! the information i got from this site showed me how to stop blushing!

I have been blush free now for just over 3 months!

And i want to share this website with everyone that has a blushing problem so that you can apply this blushing cure too.

Believe it or not this is a true story, i used to glow red multiple times a day and now i don’t.



The person who made the stop blushing website used to be a blusher too, but he went to a neurologist a doctor and a dermatologist and eventually found out the cure!


He gives you a list of all the things the medical people gave him to try cure blushing, different things can work for different people.

He says the second thing on the list cured his face from turning red, but I didn’t even get to try the second thing because the first thing on the list cured me almost straight away.


Give it a go, surely one of the things will answer your question of how to stop blushing