I Blush Really Easily

Yes it’s true I blush really easily, and have done since I can remember. I blush when I’m embarrassed, stressed or anxious. I fully understand that feeling you get when you know you’re going redder and redder until you are the colour of a beetroot and then you feel as though everyone is looking at your glowing face, which makes you feel even more embarrassed.

There have been many embarrassing situations that have caused me to blush, and I would like to share one with you, well two actually, but they both occurred on the same day, while I was away on holiday. Yes I blush really easily and sometimes it comes at the most inconvenient of times, which I’m sure you fully understand.

My day of blushing – I blush really easily

Well like I say, I was away on holidays at the time, just me and my dog Dusty. We were staying in a caravan in Bournemouth, for those of you who may not be familiar with Bournemouth it’s a stunning seaside resort on the South Coast of England in the UK. Bournemouth boasts seven miles of glorious sandy beaches, which I knew Dusty would love. He absolutely loves running on the sand and having a little paddle in the sea, I enjoy running on the sand too, but I blush really easily and it shows after exercise.

The blushing event happened on our last day in Bournemouth, I knew I hI Blush Really Easilyad a long drive ahead of me the following day so I decided that for our last day we would take things easy and we would just stroll around the town, visit the park and relax at the beach. Sounds very relaxing, doesn’t it? Well that was the intention, but things didn’t go quite according to plan. I blush really easily, and believe me there were many blushes heading my way!

Our day in Bournemouth

I packed up the car and we headed off to Bournemouth which was just a few minutes away by car. I pulled up at the car park which is overlooked by the theatre, you can park there for the day, and you know your car is safe and sound. I parked the car and started to get our things together, my bag, beach bag and Dusty’s essentials. Little did I know that while I was sorting out the car Dusty had decided to relieve himself over the wheels of the car that was parked next to us.

Now it has to be said, I don’t know much about cars, but I do know an expensive car when I see one, and believe me, this car must have cost an absolute fortune. I quickly looked around in the hope that nobody had seen Dusty doing it, there was nobody there, I said to Dusty “I think you’ve just got away with that” I was so relieved, as I blush really easily and would have been so embarrassed if someone had noticed.

We went around the town and I bought a few things to take home for my nephew, including a few cuddly toys, which he loves. The next destination was the beach, I had packed a good book, a big beach towel and the plan was to spend the rest of the day at the beach and hopefully stay there well into the evening.

It was such a hot day and on days like this you know the beach is going to be packed out, and it was. I managed to squeeze into a nice spot, unpacked my beach bag, grabbed my book, and made myself comfortable lying on the sand. Dusty was fine he was lying next to me. Dogs are very welcome on Bournemouth beach and there were many dogs enjoying themselves, which is always a pleasure to see. Things were going well, I was chilled out and relaxed, the sun kept on shining, everyone was enjoying themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

Here comes the blushing

“Excuse me” I heard, I looked up and there standing in front of me was this guy, he was in the spot next to me when I first arrived. “Yes I said, is everything ok?”

“Not really” he said “You’re dog has just eaten my lunch” can you imagine the horror on my face? I jumped up as quickly as I could, and as I have already said, I blush really easily. Words just failed me I was speechless, I knew what I wanted to say but the words just wouldn’t come out, I was so, so embarrassed, shocked and stressed all at the same time. Finally I did manage to say “I am so, so, very sorry, please let me buy you some more” and I went into my purse to get some money out for him to buy more food. He looked at me for a while and then he smiled “No there’s no need” he said “it’s fine” and then he burst out laughing “At least it shows your dog has great taste in food, those were the best fish and chips in town.”

By now I could feel my colour going, I could feel myself getting warmer and warmer until I absolutely knew I was glowing. This made things a whole lot worse and just added to my embarrassment. I blush really easily but this was definitely one of the worst cases of me blushing.

I looked up at him and said “thanks for being so understanding” he then picked up his belongings and headed up the beach to get more food. I took this as my opportunity to leave the beach, I just couldn’t stay there any longer I felt as though everyone on the beach was staring at my glowing face. I packed up my things and made my way back to the car park.

On the way to the car park I passed someone who was walking her dogs to the beach, “Are you ok?” she said “Yes I’m fine, I blush really easily” I said. She must have seen the colour on my face and thought I was in distress. It was nice of her to ask but it just added to my embarrassment.

We arrived back at the car park and to my amazement there was a note stuck to the front of the car. “I wonder what this is” I said to Dusty. To my absolute horror it was about the car that Dusty had relieved himself on, it wasn’t a very nice note and I’ll spare you what it said but let’s just say it wasn’t very nice at all. My blushing was getting a whole lot worse by now, it must have gone beyond red to something else I had never been so embarrassed in my life and not just once in a day but twice. I blush really easily but even for me this was way too much for one day.

I remember getting into the car and as I was pulling out of the car park there was this guy just staring at me through the window of the theatre which overlooked the car park. I just knew that it was his car and that he was the one who left the note. I stared back for a while and then drove out of the car park, this day had been a series of embarrassing events, from one end, to the other, and all I wanted to do was get back to the caravan before anything else occurred.

So that’s my story, I remember it like it was just yesterday, yes I blush really easily, but I had never experienced a day like that. Dusty has been the cause of many of my blushes over the years but I wouldn’t change it, he’s just the most wonderful companion and has so much character. I guess I’ll just have to control my blushing better, life with Dusty is unpredictable and you never know what’s going to happen next. Yes I blush really easily, and with Dusty it happens quite a lot!