Blushing cure

There are a few things that you can try to cure blushing including this site that cured me! .

Many people say that eating properly can help with stopping this condition, stay away from caffeine and energy products. Also High protein foods should be avoided.

But if you have the condition bad enough then eating well will not cure you.

What was my Blushing Cure?

As I have had this problem myself I know what it is like to blush excessively, if you are anything like what I was like then you don’t want to go out anywhere, it ruins your social life at work with family and friends.

I have seen many Doctors and Medical people about blushing and have found out what the cause is in most people.

It is your mind playing a horrible game with you, and also an overactive sympathetic nerve.

People who have an over active sympathetic nerve will blush more than others. If you have a bad episode of blushing then you will develop a fear of blushing known as Erythrophobia.

Once you develop this fear of blushing it is very hard to get rid of.

But there are a few Cures you can try.

The most popular cure is taking a pill each day that stops the over activity of the sympathetic nerve and in turn stops your blushing
(the pill is NOT Eredicane). To get more info about this pill visit, THIS IS THE WEBSITE THAT CURED ME!!

Then you have the option of hypnosis, which is also a very successful method. And I’m sure doing hypnosis for blushing is better than taking drugs, so I would try hypnosis first and see if it helps. The most successful hypnosis track from blushing on the internet can be found at this website

Then there is Surgery. I wouldn’t recommend this but it is an option if you are extremely desperate. The surgery does cost a lot and may not stop you from blushing. In the surgery they cut you sympathetic nerve which in theory should stop your blushing. In most cases it does but there are some horrible side effects that can occur and the operation is irreversible!