Stop Your Face Turning Red With Hypnosis

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You can be in almost any situation, embarrassing or not.

Then your mind decides to play a little game that makes you start to blush!

You feel yourself getting redder and redder!

Then someone notices your facial blushing…. No matter how much you try to stop it you explode into a SUPER BLUSH!

You are not alone with this condition known as Erythrophobia (Fear of facial blushing)

And like any fear it can be overpowered by changing the way you think about your face turning red.

I know this because I once suffered from this very condition. I know how it can absolutely destroy your life, self confidence and any chance of succeeding at school, work or any social situation

Even Family Gatherings!

I have had this hypnosis track developed by a professional hypnotist to help stop your blushing.

It has been very successful


Because I know this condition inside out and I had a lot of input into the making of this hypnosis download.

I know that your every day life consists of thoughts like ‘I’m going to blush today’, ‘I cant do this because I will blush’, ‘I want to have some input into his social conversation but i cant because i’ll just go red’, ‘red red red blush blush blush’, ‘please no one look at me or ill go red’

These thoughts are whats known as negative affirmations and they are the biggest reason for your fear of blushing.

Now I’m sure you would have read or got the advice from someone…

“Just don’t think about it” 

YEAH RIGHT! How are you meant to just not think about it?! (oh look another negative affirmation)

It is definitely easier said than done to just forget about your blushing.

So this hypnosis track is what you need to “just forget about it”

Listen to it once a day, twice a day, ten times a day if you like!

Some people can listen once and it is in there mind and starts working instantly.

Most people take a little longer though.  I used to listen to it a lot. Now after years of “just not thinking about it” I listen to it maybe once a year to remind myself to think positive.

Your mind is your own worst enemy when it comes to blushing and this hypnosis will turn all those negative affirmations into positive ones.